COVID-19 positivity rate and transmission increase

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

In the last 24 hours, we have received the latest data from our COVID-19 testing program, and the numbers are trending in the wrong direction. The good news is that working together we can change this.

As you know, on Tuesday, we released Ohio State’s COVID-19 dashboard with data through Saturday that showed a student positivity rate of 1.16%. Over the last 24 hours, we have seen the student positivity rate rise to 3.10%. But it’s not just the positivity rate that is of concern; it’s also the rate of transmission. If we want to continue to stay on campus, we have to prevent the spread of the virus.

Here’s what we all need to do right now to stop the spread:

  • Behave as though everyone is a potential carrier of the virus.
  • Wear your mask properly, over nose, mouth and chin.
  • Stay at least 6 feet apart, even when dining.
  • Outside of class, limit in-person contact with individuals other than your roommates.
  • Do not host or attend parties or gatherings of more than 10 people.
  • If you are in contact with people outside your household, mask up and maintain physical distancing.
  • Wash your hands throughout the day and follow all other safe and healthy guidance.
  • Fully cooperate with the university and department of health contact tracing team if you have a positive test or are a close contact of someone with a positive test.

If we are to continue in-person instruction and on-campus activities, including residential life, we all must double down on our efforts in every facet of our work and daily life on and off campus.

Ask yourself, “What’s my why?” — then do your part. Take care of each other. I want to see you on campus. We are all counting on each other Together As Buckeyes.

Sincerely yours,

Kristina M. Johnson, PhD