Grade policy changes: A message from the Provost

Dear students, faculty and staff,

After careful consideration by the University Senate and our colleges, most Ohio State students will have the option to obtain a pass/no pass grade for courses they are taking this semester.

For all undergraduate and graduate students, pass/no pass will be an option for General Education and elective courses based on action by the Senate today. Many colleges and programs are also extending this option to required courses in undergraduate majors and graduate programs.

As I mentioned last week, we are offering this flexibility because coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced such massive adjustments in all of our lives. I am proud that the entire university community is working together to address these challenges, but we also recognize that some students face particular obstacles that would affect their grades.

The Senate resolution approved today allows students to declare by April 17 whether they want a letter grade or pass/no pass in General Education courses and electives. I would urge all students to discuss these options with their academic advisor, because letter grades can be important in advancing to graduate school, in maintaining certain types of financial aid and in other circumstances that may be unique to individual students.

In the case of required courses for majors or graduate programs, each college and/or program is determining whether pass/no pass is appropriate for the discipline and associated career requirements. They will be communicating directly with students about their decisions.

To assist you in understanding the options, this webpage provides resources and links to college communications that explain their decisions.

To our faculty, thank you for your commitment to student success in this unparalleled time. To our students, I wish you the best as the semester continues.


Bruce A. McPheron, PhD
Executive Vice President and Provost