COVID-19 Update

Testing program expanded

The seven-day average positivity rate for all students is at .88%. On campus, the seven-day average rate is .64% while the off-campus rate is 1.25%. We have expanded our testing efforts to approximately 18,000 each week, and have conducted more than 165,000 tests overall.

Last week, Ohio State’s Comprehensive Monitoring Team issued its initial report on ongoing data analysis designed to stem the spread of infection. The report observed that the reproduction number (Rt) has remained stable, primarily below 1, which is an indicator that the epidemic may be slowing. Also, two key measures declined and then remained stable since mid-September: 1) Trends in infection rates among asymptomatic students, and 2) Positive rates among students who get tested because they are experiencing symptoms or have come into close contact with someone who is infected.

The team, led by Dr. Amy Fairchild, dean of our College of Public Health, has urged caution as the weather turns colder and stressed the importance of remaining vigilant by wearing masks, staying 6 feet apart and following all of our Safe and Healthy Buckeyes requirements.