COVID-19 Update

Monitoring positivity rates

We continue to monitor our COVID-19 positivity rates, and we are concerned that student positivity rates have ticked up slightly in recent days. Overall, the seven-day average student positivity rate is 1.94% while the on-campus and off-campus rates are 1.46% and 2.00%, respectively. While these numbers remain low compared to the state’s 9.4% rate, even small changes warrant close scrutiny. 

While our COVID-19 team is sharing daily reports and analyzing the data for trends and patterns, we need everyone in our community to double down and follow the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes requirements.

Following the requirements is especially important with the Thanksgiving holiday and winter break approaching. We urge all students who plan to travel to be tested before leaving their residence halls or off-campus housing. Once home, we should all continue to follow safety protocols. As people gather with family and friends for the holidays and spend more time together indoors, these protocols are vital to protecting the most vulnerable among us, including those in our lives with chronic health conditions and older adults.

COVID-19 remains a serious threat. Wear your mask. Stay 6 feet apart. Practice good hygiene.