The university remains under a state of emergency given the impacts of COVID-19.

Every Buckeye plays an important part in taking care of each other. Because when Buckeyes are safe and healthy, we can stay focused on our endeavors — and on improving lives.

Learn what Ohio State is doing and how you can help keep yourself, and your family and friends, safe and healthy — whether you've returned to a campus or are continuing to work and study from home.

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The safety of our Ohio State community is the university’s top priority. During this extraordinary time, your continued flexibility, cooperation and commitment are vital to our ability to remain on our campuses Together As Buckeyes.

The guidelines and requirements on this website have been created for our university communities on all Ohio State campuses by the COVID-19 Transition Task Force based on the recommendations of the Safe Campus and Scientific Advisory subgroup. They are informed by the latest data and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and other authorities. 

Every Buckeye plays an important role in keeping our campuses safe and healthy. Together, we can reduce the spread of COVID-19 by wearing masks, physical distancing and practicing good hand hygiene. Buckeyes care for each other. It’s what we do. By working together, we can make our community safer for everyone — students, faculty, staff, visitors, fans and friends alike.

Latest updates

  • Sept. 16: A new detailed explanation of the metrics included in Ohio State's COVID-19 dashboard is available on the Dashboard Measures and Interpretations page.
  • Sept. 14: Beginning the week of September 21, graduate and professional students will be included in the university’s surveillance testing program while awaiting test results. Students tested as part of this program are not required to quarantine. More details will be provided to those who are eligible to be selected.
  • Sept. 14: New FAQs, including information about the timeline for isolation and quarantine, have been added to the Contact Tracing, Isolation and Quarantine page.
  • Sept. 10: The university updated the COVID-19 dashboard, adding a feature to track positivity rates over time so you can now see how the data is trending and how we all are doing in our collective efforts to fight the spread of the virus.

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This website was last updated on Friday, Sept. 18, 2020. Please reference this website for the most up-to-date guidelines. The university’s COVID-19 Transition Task Force’s Safe Campus and Scientific Advisory Subgroup will continue monitoring changing conditions and consult with local and state health authorities. Recommendations and requirements will be refined as needed.

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September 25, 2020

Your commitment to safety is evident in the results of our testing program, which show that the seven-day average positivity rate for all students is 1.7% and has decreased nearly every day for 14 days.

September 22, 2020
Dear student leaders: You’ve heard the term ‘Together As Buckeyes’ a lot over the past few weeks, and I want to thank you for considering this an action statement and commitment, as well as a rallying cry. As you know, we have been closely monitoring positive COVID-19 cases among students...
September 18, 2020

We continue to focus on our community’s health and safety by wearing masks, staying 6 feet apart and practicing good hygiene, and our adherence to these practices is evident in our test results .