Can I still use Columbus campus services if I am fully online?

For autumn 2020 semester, students who are fully online can opt in for services available to in-person students on the Columbus campus.

If you are taking fully online courses this semester, the university will by default charge a Distance Education fee but you will not be charged the fees associated with on-campus services. You would therefore not be able to use those services. (See the default online fee structure for Columbus campus students.)

If you opt in for a bundle of these services, the university will not charge the $100 Distance Education fee and instead charge $250.90 for the fees associated with on-campus services. These on-campus fees, which are available only as a package, include the COTA, Recreation, Student Activities and Student Union.

To opt in, contact

Selecting this option will not affect the non-resident surcharge for students from outside Ohio.

Note: This option is offered in autumn 2020 given the extraordinary circumstances. It may not be available in future semesters.