Campus Readiness

In coordination with colleges, departments and building facilities contacts, signage will be placed in high density spaces, as appropriate, to guide foot traffic flow, remind people of safety practices and visually mark wait line spaces.

These graphics show the ways that people will be reminded to physically distance or take part in safety practices around campus.
Look for these types of signs and decals around Ohio State campuses for guidance in safety practices and physical distancing.

Furniture in classrooms and common areas is being marked, arranged or removed to support safety practices, including physical distancing.

At least twice a day, the university is cleaning bathrooms and disinfecting high touch-point areas, including door handles, faucets, handrails and other commonly touched surfaces in high-traffic areas.

For more information on cleaning schedules and supplies, visit Workplace.

Please reference this website for the most up-to-date guidelines. The university’s COVID-19 Transition Task Force’s Safe Campus and Scientific Advisory Subgroup will continue monitoring changing conditions and consult with local and state health authorities. Recommendations and requirements will be refined as needed.